Why To Hire Regulated Immigration Consultant’s Services?

Are you sure that the immigration consultant you have hired is a reliable one and would help you get visa approval? If not, then it is important to check the credibility of immigration experts first when you take on visa filing services. 

You might get in contact with a myriad of immigration companies who claim 100 % visa approvals, however, they are not always able to keep up with their promises. 

Furthermore, some companies are also fake, so it is really important to hire a regulated immigration consultant Calgary NE

Who Is a Regulated Immigration Consultant? 

An authorized Immigration consultant is the one who is registered with the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and also RCIC ( Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants). They are well-qualified and have great experience in handling all possible visa application scenarios.

Furthermore, they have adept skill in representing your case in a way that your visa approval chances get increased easily. 

Here, let’s get to know why one must grab services from Authorized Immigration Consultants. So, let’s take a glance: 

Reasons To Hire Regulated Immigration Consultants

  • Well-versed Knowledge & Expertise in Handling Complex Visa Profiles 

The consultants who are registered with the IRCC and RCIC are only the expert ones. They always gauge the idea of where the applicant is lacking in his or her immigration profile. Accordingly, they suggest the best ways possible to get visa approvals easily. 

Apart from this, they also stay updated with the changes in rules and regulations in the immigration industry. So, there is no point in any discrepancy lying in your application. 

  • Personalized Support & Help Throughout Process 

The authorized immigration experts always offer personalized support and help to their clients discussing all their concerns to provide them with immediate solutions. 

Not just while their application is being processed but also later on, post-landing, the clients are offered accommodation, work visas, and settlement services. 

  • Minimized Application Delays and Common Pitfalls 

There is no chance that visa applications would be delayed and also no possibility of error because your file would be handled by the IRCC and RCIC expert. 

They simplify the procedure and prepare logical documents that reduce the chances of any delays and pitfalls in the visa application process. 

  • Great Caliber In Handling Refusal Cases 

There can be chances that your visa will be refused by the Canadian embassy if the consultants you hired were not IRCC regulated. However, the IRCC-certified ones have the adeptness to turn things around. 

Even if your application gets denied, still you will have a chance to get your visa re-approved if you hire the services of authorized professionals. 

  • Helps In Making You Admissible To Canada Again 

Some persons do not carry a clean historical record, such as some people have criminal histories, whereas some suffer from medical conditions. 

The IRCC and RCIC professionals have the caliber to overcome this obstacle and they easily assess the conditions of inadmissibility. They then advise the applicants on how to proceed. 

Such as IRCC certified professionals help applicants apply for waivers and also pardons on past criminal charges. This would help the applicant get admissible to Canada again. 

In Conclusion 

A Certified immigration consultant Calgary NE helps in achieving favorable immigration results because he or she has a wealth of specialized expertise, and knowledge of efficient application procedures, and also remains updated with legal requirements.  

So, you must also consider the services of certified professionals such as seeking services from Guru Kirpa Travels immigration professionals. 



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